INDICAR - Workshop 2016

 Mo 12th Sept - Fr 16th Sept 2016


Welcome to the University of Vienna INDICAR 2016 Workshop.


The INDICAR (Interdisciplinary Cancer Research) Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme is an initiative of The University of Vienna to promote a new interdisciplinary vision of postdoctoral training in the field of cancer research. The program is co-funded by the EU Frameworkprogramme 7 (FP7) Marie Curie Actions and offers post-doctoral researchers from different field, from biology to chemistry and computational physic, the opportunity to undertake research in a multidisciplinary context. The INDICAR 2016 Workshop is the opportunity for post-doctoral researchers enrolled in the INDICAR Program to discuss common themes and exchange cross-disciplinary results with a particular focus on the techniques used to reach their goals. During four days, the event will feature talks from invited guest speakers, post-doctoral researcher and PhD students. The workshop-like structure aims at promoting broad discussion and interaction among participants, with the ultimate goal to conceive new ideas and develop new approaches in the field of cancer research.